Francesco Guaiana | OID LIVE IN HAMBURG



 Track List

  1. Mi conduco
  2. Fitzcarraldo
  3. Disaccordo sulla meridiana
  4. Let them play
  5. The Hamburg Bis

released June 2010
recorded live at Hamburger Jazztage Festival, Hamburg, Germany, October 4, 2008
Miconduco and Disaccordo sulla Meridiana ( composed and conducted by Francesco Guaiana)
Let them play and Fitzcarraldo ( composed and conducted by Luca Lo Bianco)
The Hamburg bis ( composed and conducted by Luca Lo Bianco and F.Guaiana)
mixing and editing by Roberto Terranova & Luca LoBianco
produced by Luca Lo Bianco for Fitzcarraldo Records

FRANCESCO GUAIANA guitar & conduction LUCA LO BIANCO electric bass & conduction LEANDRO LO BIANCO trumpet HEINZ GÖDECKE trombone HENRY ALTMANN sousaphone ELDO LAURIANO clarinet & bass clarinet CALOGERO GENCO alto & soprano sax EMANUELE CATANIA tenor sax DOMENICO ARGENTO piano LORENZO COLELLA guitar MARKO BONARIUS acoustic bass MASSIMO D’ALEO drums FLAVIO LI VIGNI drums

The Orchestra In-stabile Dis/Accordo [O.I.D.] is a variable ensemble of fifteen elements.
By using a non conventional method of directing the orchestra, which is known worldwide as ‘conduction’, and using signs, gestures and written melodic lines, the audience can witness the music being born right there and is an active protagonist of the creative procedure.
The O.I.D. stems from the expressive urgency of a new generation of improvisers, looking for a creative form crossing all languages and not necessarily falling under any label.

In four years of concerts OID has hosted more than 60 guest musicians from different countries, Amy Denio, Tony Cattano, Achille Succi, Eyal Maoz, Pasquale Innarella, Jimmy Weinstein, Marcello Allulli, Gianni Gebbia, Gabriel Coburger, Henry Altman, Ingo Lhame, Heinz Erich Godecke, Paolo Porta, Piero Bittolo Bon, Enzo Carpentieri, Francesco Cusa, John Serry amongst others.
In October 2007, O.I.D. scored a series of silent movies of H.Loyd, C.Chaplin and others in a show commissioned by Teatro Nuovo Montevergini for ‘Musica Per Gli Occhi Festival’ and in October 2008 was the only Italian band to be invited to the prestigious HAMBURG JAZZ TAGE FESTIVAL in Germany, encountering extraordinary success. In 2010 O.I.D. was ranked second in the category “Best Italian Orchestra” in the ‘Jazzit Award’, the national referendum held by the italian magazine Jazzit.